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Curt's Inverts

As an online source of invertebrates of the American Southwest specializing in arachnids, we are committed to providing dealers, collectors, and hobbyists with quality invertebrates.  Although not all animals are in stock all of the time, we carry many different myriopods, arachnids, and insects native (and some endemic) to the Southwestern states of the US.

Our current stock includes three species of hunting spiders, two species of web building spiders, and one species of scorpion.  We currently have in stock the Bold Jumping Spider, the Rabid Wolf Spider, the Brown Recluse Spider, the Black Widow Spider, the Orbweaver Spider, and the Striped Bark Scorpion.  Our stocks change with the seasons and will be updated each Sunday.

Our animals are shipped via UPS, USPS, FedEx, or Airborne Express.  It is our policy to never charge a customer a penny more than necessary, so we have no flat shipping rates.  Our rates are determined by the size of the order, the carrier, and the location of the customer.  For more information, please read our Ordering/Policies page.

We are open to trade for animals low or out of stock.  Please email with offers for trades.